Types Of Pillows... How Do I Know Which Pillow Is Right For Me?

Types Of Pillows... How Do I Know Which Pillow Is Right For Me?

Cool Gel Pillows

Cool Gel Shoulder Pillow, Roanoke Mattress

Cool Gel pillows are great for sleepers who experience heat issues when falling asleep. Cool gel is normally infused into memory foam, latex, or down. Cool Gel will help balance your sleep temperature and offer added support for the neck and spine.

Memory Foam Pillows

memory foam pillow, roanoke mattress

Memory foam is a comfort product. The product self-adjusts to body contours and reduces pressure on sensitive areas. A memory foam pillow is able to reduce tossing and turning. Today’s memory foam comes in many shapes and types to include fast and slow recovery.  Take your time and get a quality product.

Down Filled Pillows

down pillows, roanoke mattress

Soft and supple, down pillows are known for luxury.  The best down is European White Goose Down, with a fill power of 600 and up.  These are not support pillows.

Neck (Contour) Pillows

contour neck pillow, roanoke mattress

Neck pillows are constructed with a baffle that supports the cervical spine.  Traditional pillows do not support this area as they should, which is why many people with back problems need a neck pillow to support their spine.  These pillows are specially constructed to support the head and neck in a specific manner.

Pregnancy Pillows

malouf pregnancy pillow, roanoke mattress


There are two main pregnancy pillows.  One is a small wedge that supports the belly from the second trimester on.  The other type of pregnancy pillow is body length and is long enough (usually 54 inches) that can be used between the legs to reduce pressure in the lower back and that can be hugged to help support the belly..

Wedge Pillows

Wedge pillow, roanoke mattress

Wedge pillows are made of foam and or polyester fiber fill or a combination of both.  They great for reading in bed or to help ease those with acid reflux.  A wedge pillow is also great for elevating the legs and feet to help relieve the discomfort of varicose veins.

Latex Pillows

malouf latex , roanoke mattress

Latex pillows are made with two different processes. Dunlop or talalay. Dunlop pillows tend to be more firm and are known for being extremely durable. Talalay latex tends to relieve pressure on muscles and joints, and offer a more consistent feel than Dunlop. Both are made with the environment inmy mind. Neither contain harmful chemicals and are certified by Okeo-Tek for off gassing.