Hybrids Are The Best Of Both Worlds

Hybrids Are The Best Of Both Worlds

The term “hybrid” has become a trendy term in the past few years, used in every industry from cars to energy-saving appliances. And now we’re hearing about “hybrid mattresses.” While the term may seem over-hyped to some, a hybrid mattress is a legitimate and comfortable option for many people.

A hybrid mattress is created when a mattress manufacturer wants to combine the strengths of different mattress types. By using layers of different materials, hybrid mattresses can increase comfort and support while limiting costs for consumers.

In the case of a memory foam, gel foam, or latex Hybrid mattress,  you are likely to find a 2” or maybe 3” layer of memory foam, latex, or gel foam as the top layer, and underneath you will likely find a combination of one or two different high density synthetic layers which provide good support and accentuate the comfort of the top layer. The materials are different, thus the term “hybrid”, but the overall effect is to deliver the same or an even higher level of comfort than if the mattress were made from the same material top to bottom.”

Hybrid Mattress Best Of Both Worlds at Roanoke Mattress

At Roanoke Mattress, we carry a wide variety of hybrid mattress options for buyers to choose from. When you’re shopping for your next mattress, don’t let the term hybrid mattress scare you away. In terms of both comfort and cost, a hybrid mattress can be the best of both worlds.