Whatever happened to the basic mattresses? Why are they all so big and so pricey?

Whatever happened to the basic mattresses? Why are they all so big and so pricey?

Once upon a time, long before my time, mattresses were indeed quite simple, with one primary option to choose from; firm.  As a matter of fact, there was once a time that mattresses were only available in two sizes; single, and double, or as we refer to them today, twin size and full size. Well, long gone are those days. While many mattresses can still be categorized by feel, they now also offer many other options, with many different names, each offering various cores, coil systems, gels, foams, etc causing them to be a lot bigger, and in some cases a lot pricier than the mattresses that were available years ago.

Typically, I would recommend a brief google search on the different types of mattresses available, but we all know there’s no such thing as a ‘brief’ google search. If you’d prefer to avoid the possible information overload, check out our blog on the different types of mattresses on the market, as well as those we offer at Roanoke Mattress. Or when visiting our showroom, feel free to browse through our in store tablets, pre-programmed with plenty of useful information to make your shopping experience that much more informational, and effective.

Roanoke Mattress

At Roanoke Mattress, Each of our mattresses are not only extra comfortable, but super affordable. We understand that mattresses not only come with hefty profiles, but often hefty price tags. Therefore, we gladly offer several financing options including no credit needed financing, with no money down and 12 months to pay, or take advantage of our special financing with up to 60 months interest free and no money down! It’s true that shopping local saves big! Stop by anytime to see how we can help you sleep better!


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