Why are there so many mattresses to choose from? Do they really expect me to try them all?!

Why are there so many mattresses to choose from? Do they really expect me to try them all?!

Have you ever walked into a mattress store and wondered “why on earth are there so many?!” There are some mattress store showrooms that have upwards of 70 mattresses on display. Even I would consider that a bit extreme. However, because there are so many manufacturers with so many varieties of products that offer various benefits, it’s necessary to offer a wide assortment to ensure that each guest has several options to choose from.

Large Mattress Showroom, Roanoke Mattress

Here’s the ‘catch 22’ if you will. Walking into a sea of mattresses can make what should be a pleasant experience, an intimidating one. Taking these things into consideration, at Roanoke Mattress we’ve taken several steps to ensure your experience is anything but intimidating. When visiting with us, we want you to feel, welcome, relaxed, and informed. While our sleep specialists are ready and able to answer any and all sleep related questions you may have, our showroom is also designed to be ‘sleeper friendly’ with each section clearly defined to make your mattress shopping easier, less time consuming, and less confusing.

In addition to the wealth of information our sleep specialists are eager to share, we also offer in store tablets, allowing you to do as little or as much research as you’d like while in the comfort of our store. While testing the mattresses you’re interested in, feel free to use our tablets or bring your own, to read customer reviews, visit our website, or listen to your favorite tunes. Whatever makes you feel relaxed while you nap.

Free Naps, Roanoke Mattress

Often times the sheer number of mattresses, not to mention the different types, and ever changing names, can make mattress shopping stressful. It should be anything but. So, whether you find yourself in a boutique shop of sorts, with only a handful of mattresses, or a mattress mega-store, just remember to take it one mattress at a time. The national sleep council suggests testing each prospective mattress at least 15 minutes. For this reason, At Roanoke Mattress we not only offer Free Naps, but complimentary pillow slips, & eye masks to make your ‘rest test’ experience a pleasant one.

We welcome you to stop by, and say hi anytime. We’re happy and ready to help any way we can. In addition to mattresses, we also offer a variety of accessories, including mattress toppers, pillows, sheets, and more. We look forward to serving you soon.

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